JOBS EXPO 2012 – 14-15.03.2012
Incheba Expo Prague

JOBS EXPO is International job opportunities fair, which will be held on the Prague Exhibition Grounds for the third time.

It is a unique opportunity on one hand for employers and on the other hand for persons interested in finding a suitable job. Although the current job market situation is characterized by demand exceeding supply by a considerable margin, upon thorough examination the situation is not all that one-sided. Logically the employers are most interested in quality. And there is no better opportunity to discover the best and most suitable person for any job than meeting him or her in person and face-to-face contact.

In the course of a mere two days, the JOBS EXPO fair will address thousands of job candidates; the exhibiting companies thus have not only the opportunity of a high-quality selection, but also of sound promotion of their brands and presentation of themselves as good and respectable employers.

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Expedia ManpowerGroup Utilitywise Prague Grafton Recruitment s.r.o. Amadeus Media Group Dorset Recruitment