Dear Hiring Manager,

I’ve seen your job description
You know, for the person who peaks Egyptian
With experience in driving
In an environment that’s thriving

I’m sure you’ll agree, once you’ve read my CV
I’m second to none, you just can’t beat me
I’m a finely tuned pro, so listen up bro
Don’t waste your time, let’s not ‘to and fro’

I’m simply the best, forget all the rest
I’ve got the credentials; I am…….the best of the best

Business development is my game,
Everywhere people remember my name
I am a tiger, hear me roar,
You set the goals, just watch me score

If you want the potential,
I’ve got what’s essential
The gift of the Gab
OMG I’m so fab!!

My Languages known are currently such
English and French, German and Dutch
Let’s be clear, your sales person is here
When hiring me, you’ll have nothing to fear

Whilst wanting to lighten the day and give some entertainment to the reader, there is an important lesson to take note of.

Always ensure your application is relevant to the role to which you apply.


Written by Paul Myers
Head of Staffing EMEA – Regus
Director Advisory & Recruitment – Boutique Partners

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