So I’d like to start by getting to know you
About your career and what you do
In the next five minutes please explain
And keep your examples nice and plain

It says right here, you always achieve
I find that rather hard to believe
Your targets seemed to be sky high
Should I assume that pigs do fly

But sir I feel I should confess
My previous employer was in a mess
Until I turned things upside down
And got awarded, the gold sales crown

Aha I see, quite an acclaim
Did you take a picture to put in a frame

So let’s continue with your abilities
And please please please, forget the hostilities
I’d like you please to stay on track
And tell me about the job at Tie-Rack

Forgive me sir but let me see,
Where the hell did you get this CV
I can assure you,  this is not me
For I worked in Prague at PWC

Yes sure you did, and so did I
In fact my position was rather high
So what about your time in school
Did you always play the fool

I’m sorry sir but you are so rude
I think your methods are rather crude

It’s ok I understand,
It’s hard to gain the upper hand
I’ll give you a tip if I may
These silly games no longer play

You sir are an obnoxious bum
Completely stupid, yes you’re scum
I’m going to punch you in the face
And leave this office in utter disgrace

Bravo sir fantastic performance
I’d like to commend you for your endurance
Take a look behind you’ll see
A hidden camera, you’re on TV!!!

Whilst it is important as a candidate to ensure you prepare for every interview, you always need to be prepared for the unexpected. Hiring Managers can often ask questions you do not expect.

Written by Paul Myers
Head of Staffing EMEA – Regus
Director Advisory & Recruitment – Boutique Partners CEE

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