“Hello, today I would like to give you presentation….” STOP! If you believe that well-prepared Power Point slides, speech learnt by heart and neat suit is enough to give a good presentation and reach your target group, just keep carrying on what you do, otherwise – we would like to introduce you to Advanced presentation skills workshop in English with well-known public speaker Tomáš Sedláček, organized by European Leadership and Academic Institute (ELAI).

ELAI has started workshops for those who aim higher and want to invest in development of employees. Last week top managers of leading companies in Czech Republic experienced and learnt what it means to give presentation which is “Out-of-the-box” and greatly improved their presentation skills. We all know the saying that “Practice makes you perfect”, but it is not enough at the beginning, therefore the whole workshop was based on three main principles: theory, practice and reflection.

Good public speakers must be able to use presentation tools in an appropriate way, structure their speech clearly and present it fluently, at the same time keeping the attention of their listeners.  These three aspects are closely related with each other, although most of the time it is almost impossible to control all of them during presentation.

All the participants were asked in advanced to prepare their presentations and present them during the workshop. This gave possibility for presenters to learn from experience of their own and others, while implementing gained knowledge at the very same moment. In general, people tend to have stable patterns about “what is a good presentation” and this is where they were taken out of their comfort zone, by giving and receiving reflection within participants and leader of the workshop. Moreover, participants of the workshop were acquainted with basic patterns and theories of presentations in order to bring them to higher level, where focus is not only on the presentation.

Ability to keep and attract attention of the listeners is an Art and a key to successful presentation.  Therefore workshop involves basic tips about body language and manners of the speaker, advices about creative thinking methods and improvisation. As an example participants were introduced with speeches of best speakers in Czech Republic, Europe and world by means of Internet. The whole idea of Advanced Presentation Skills workshop is to help to participants to start thinking out of the templates and become creative, flexible and self-confident public speakers.

European Leadership & Academic Institute (ELAI) creates innovative discussion and educational platforms to enable knowledge transfer and responsible growth within various groups of society; develops and implements projects to promote education, innovation and start-up companies.

Next Advanced Presentation Skills Workshop with Tomáš Sedláček 29th of March 2013 (language Czech) For more information please click here!

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