The Successful Interview
by Michael Mayher

Clearly there are far more applicants than there are good jobs available. So what are you doing to enhance your chances of being selected ahead of others who want the same job as much or more than you do? I don’t care how wonderful someone’s resume may appear, it’s not enough. Good references? Yeah, they help but it’s still not the critical element.

If I may be direct, increasingly, no one knows how to interview anymore and there are many reasons for this. Granted, you first and foremost need to be qualified for the job you seek, but it takes a lot more than that if you are going to get a job in the current market situation. How do you become the person they are excited about hiring instead of almost getting the job or being told that they liked you but you came in second?

There are many good and well-qualified professionals who, when it comes to interviewing, completely miss the opportunity and become their own worst obstacle to success. Why is this? Consider that I don’t know anyone who likes to interview; it’s something we do as we learn from our mistakes by trial and error as we go along during the course of our careers. Over time we improve, wiser for our missteps.

In the past this was good enough because there were more jobs available and if one didn’t go well, no matter, we’d do better next time. Have you noticed in the last few years there are fewer good opportunities from which to choose? This means increasingly, with fewer opportunities you can ill afford to squander any of them, making the trial and error method wasteful and less constructive.

However, there are many things you can do to be a better and more effective job candidate and interviewee. In my long experience as a headhunter I am unique and, as a result, those whom I represent and advise always perform better in the interview process.

For over the past five years I have been conducting lectures to undergrad and MBA students, sharing advice attendees incorporate and adapt to their own needs to improve performance. My goal has been simple: to provide people the means by which to empower themselves; to find job opportunities, to be more effective in the interview process, as compared to everyone else. Actually, to label what I do as a lecture is an understatement because the depth and breadth of the topics I discuss are, in reality, an interactive seminar. What I present is no small endeavor, I walk attendees through every aspect of the job search and interview process; everything to include how to best address the job offer / acceptance and even job resignation advice. I know of no one else with the same direct hands-on experience, or the ability to effectively deliver it.

Feedback from students and faculty, as well as professionals who’ve been in attendance, has always been overwhelmingly positive and to such a degree that I’ve decided to make the same material, adjusted for experienced professionals, available to anyone who wants to enhance their abilities for a better result. The first of these seminars will occur in September and attendance will be limited, in order to ensure attendees get the most benefit from interactive sessions.

Join me, if you want to become a more formidable you. Register here

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